10 Things to know 10 days before Curl Talk

So I am back with more!!! It is 10 days before one of my short term goals and dreams becomes a reality. How exciting is that??? I was asked earlier: “It must be an amazing feeling hey?” But amazing. Is far from how I feel, I can’t put into words just how awesome this is.

I have 10 things that I would like to share with you about Curl Talk:

  1. This was started with nothing but love, passion and faith and maybe 3GB of data
  1. I wanted to do this for a very long time but I was way too scared but the Cape Town natural hair fest came along in December last year and totally inspired me to do something in Port Elizabeth. And ever since my first add went out in January I got amazing response from naturals in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas.
  1. The name “Curl Talk” came from all the talks I had about my curls wherever I went, there was a time where when I went out I would spend more time having talks about my hair than with my date(who is now my fiance & he loves my “bos kop”)
  1. I have two guest speakers for the event, one whom I know for a while now and the other who I have cyber stalked for a while both very talented. Abby from LadyMud https://ladymud.wordpress.com a natural hair ambassador, graphic designer and photographer, she took the photos of my on my blog in the white dress. She is a young, vibrant & passionate girl who is crazy about arts and crafts with a constant need to create!  If I should live in a world of my own, it would definitely be one of an arty nature says Abigail proudly. The other Eleanor Douglas-Meyer http://justellabella.co.za/ Parenting, DIY and lifestyle blogger, Co-founder of the annual Eastern Cape blogger networking event, #ECMeetup, Parenting columnist for The Herald Live. Eleanor has been a Naturalista off and on since her University days but finally threw away all her chemicals and heat implements when she noticed that her son inherited her “bos kop” and decided that it’s time to ditch the chemicals and go natural.
  1. After two weeks of total organized chaos I decided it is time I get some like-minded passionate ladies on my team, and I got 4 very clued up ladies all with one common goal in mind going natural by big chop or by transitioning.
  1. The number of attendees kept on increasing I ended the event and had to re-open the invitation to accommodate more ladies.
  1. Because of the demand and the number constantly increasing I had to change venues about three times.
  1. I got engaged a week after I started planning the event and that added some extra special excitement to me. I was in a very happy space (still is) and that happiness automatically poured out into my event everything was planned or are being planned with me on cloud nine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  1. I saved the best for last………………..
  1. Sponsors incl. Design Essentials SA, Kimberly Grace professionals, Natmoisture, Curl Chemistry, A cup of cute, True Curls, Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil, My natural hair, Fair lady magazine, Cyan Studios and Royal nails. Well I told you I am saving the best for last.


The biggest lesson I have learned is that the right things will come the right time and that includes the right people. Don’t chase it if it’s not yours, believe me it will come.


I can’t wait to meet you all. I can hardly contain my excitement just the thought of so much natural beauties in one room is driving me crazy ……….in a very good way.

Curls & Kindness

Shavon Curlygirl Leander








7 thoughts on “10 Things to know 10 days before Curl Talk

  1. This is truly amazing!
    I have been longing for something like this since i started my journey 3years ago!
    When i decided to stop the chemical straightening,I knew absolutely nothing about looking after my transitioning tresses and even now my mass of thick bouncy curls….to this day i have a love-hate relationship with my hair!
    I would have wanted to be there(even tried to re-schedule flights)
    Hoping this first curl talk will be a roaring success…I definitely want to be at the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

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